to life, from liv.


to do today

unpack my suitcase brush my hair and put on perfume venture around the neighborhood, don’t forget jacket write a letter back to Miranda spend an evening with him (after so much time away)

to finals week.

you’re like the moment I run out of air underwater. . a stream of bubbles dissipating to nothing, the pressure filling my brain and lungs collapsing inwards. . nothing’s more rewarding than that reviving gasp of oxygen once my head floats to surface. . winter break feels like the car ride home from the community… Continue reading to finals week.

to Saturday, 5:45 a.m.

charcoal shadows blanket the city, each house still tucked in and hidden from the ebony night. it’s an uneasy and unusual feeling— stillness covers the once-bustling streets, stirring silence almost too perfect, a rarity of its own. with dark pink clouds and deep orange along your horizon, you bring promise of morning light and new… Continue reading to Saturday, 5:45 a.m.

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hey mtv! welcome to my crib 🏰✨

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